Farewell to Shanghai

Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai Skyline (Photo credit: Keith Marshall)

Shanghai Museum - skyline.

Shanghai Museum – skyline. (Photo credit: _chrisUK)

A Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) blue-and...

blue and white porcelain dish from the Ming dy...

blue and white porcelain dish from the Ming dynasty, located in the china collection of Topkapi Palace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After an unforgettable four days in Shanghai, it was time to move on and take the bullet-train to Hangzou.

We checked out of our hotel and spent the morning in the World-famous Shanghai Museum. There we viewed Chinese ancient bronzes, pottery, art works, sculptures and of course Ming blue and white porcelain. Also there was an exhibition of Russian art works including Faberge eggs and jewellery.

It was, unfortunately, now time to leave Shanghai and we were driven to the state-of-the-art train station to catch our train to Hangzhou. This Bullet train travelled at an average speed of 310 kilometres an hour and took us forty-five minutes instead of three hours by road, so quite amazing really.

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