The Spectacular Natural Beauty of Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pangkor Island hornbill9

Pangkor Island hornbill9 (Photo credit: Cecil Lee)

English: A Beautiful sunset at Pangkor Island,...

English: A Beautiful sunset at Pangkor Island, Malaysia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oriental Pied-hornbill on Pangkor Island, Mala...

Oriental Pied-hornbill on Pangkor Island, Malaysia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunset at Pangkor Island.

Sunset at Pangkor Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island (Photo credit: Mike Tok)

After Kuala Lumpur and Malaka,

Pangkor Island / @ Pantai Pasir Giam

Pangkor Island / @ Pantai Pasir Giam (Photo credit: bahtiar1070)

our Malaysian itinerary was as follows:

Each of these locations were spectacular, stunning or sensational in their natural beauty but  completely different from each other. This is the first of three posts.

We visited Pangkor Island, located in the Straits of Malacca, in the monsoon season, so we were expecting some rain but we were surprised at the huge amount of debris washed up each day on the idyllic, tropical beaches, however they were cleared each morning, of the garbage  that had sadly collected over night.

According to the build-up in our guide-book, we were expecting some of the best snorkeling in Southeast Asia. However, when we went on a boat trip around the island, our snorkeling opportunity was restricted to an area of about the size of a large swimming pool –  the reason given for the small size of roped off area was that there was a problem with sea urchins. However, it was amusing to watch  some of the Malays and Chinese people  jumping off of the boat wearing their life jackets in  a depth of about four foot of water  if we were lucky and actually swimming in life jackets, after all, it wasn’t exactly the Titanic!

Pangkor Island is very popular with local people, so it’s hard to find good hotel accommodation, especially at weekends when the hotels are over crowded and under staffed.

Pangkor Island is incredibly beautiful, fantastic white sandy beaches, lush vegetation and jungle, and an amazing selection of wildlife.  Monkeys and birds are a major attraction, and watching the Hornbill  each evening was a true delight. Our hotel had some beautiful resident Peacocks that just wandered about the place, gracefully, as if they owned it, finding shade at midday on the lower balconies and producing a splendid natural display of colour.

The food in some of the local fish restaurants was exceptional, especially in the Chinese restaurants, of course.

On balance, we were a bit disappointed by the debris on the beaches and in the sea  but to be fair, it was the monsoon season, after all, so we have to make some  excuses for this beautiful corner of paradise.

[Open this link for some public photos of Pangkor Island showing  a bit of paradise.] 

Our photos will follow eventually…


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