The Stunning Natural Beauty of the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

♂ - Dorsal side :: Locality: Cameron Highlands...

♂ – Dorsal side :: Locality: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Français : ♂ – Face dorsale :: Localité: Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaisie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands (Photo credit: HooLengSiong)

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands (Photo credit: HooLengSiong)

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands (Photo credit: HooLengSiong)

English: Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands

English: Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Sketched map of the Cameron Highlands...

English: Sketched map of the Cameron Highlands, Pahang, West Malaysia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cameron Highlands

This is our second of three related blogs dealing with naturally beautiful locations in Malaysia. The first explored the spectacular beauty of Pangkor Island, this blog features the stunning beauty of the Cameron Highlands, and the third  explores the sensational beauty of Taman Negara.

Following Pangkor Island, we went to the Cameron Highlands which was a complete contrast to Pangkor Island, and being at over 1,500 meters above sea level, it was seriously cooler, especially at night. The Cameron Highlands is very beautiful, with rolling hills, vast scenic tea plantations, plus terraced flower and vegetable farms. It is named after Sir William Cameron, a surveyor and a Scott, who mapped out the area in 1885 for the British colonial government.

The Cameron Highlands is also a major resort area, for both local and international travelers, offering something for every budget but it’s rather expensive by typical Southeast Asian standards, possibly because it is also a popular golf  destination.

We thoroughly enjoyed our period in the Cameron Highlands,  doing all the usual touristy things, like:

  • Visiting the tea plantation
  • Sampling the local strawberries
  • Trekking into the hills

We met several hundred school children on our trek, and they were happy to practice their English, asking many questions, with the favorite being “Where are you from?” and we answered ” England”,  with their response ” I know, Manchester United!” For us, they demonstrated a very confident, emerging younger generation in Malaysia but we were really impressed with their good humor, manners and respect for a couple of mature travelers. They were also excited and giggling when asking if they could take photos with us.

We were staying in a quaint, older boutique  hotel that traces its origins back to the thirties, but built in Tudor style and still having the original wooden beams and tiled floors. Each night, it had a log fire next to the bar, and we had some amazing conversations with visitors from around the world, as well as some alcoholic refreshment too.

We really liked the Cameron Highlands, it is beautiful from most directions but especially when you are standing on a high plateau and looking down into the various valleys. It is also very colorful, with its innumerable  flower beds, parks and gardens, plus, of course, the strawberry fields.

[Open this link for some public photos which highlight the stunning  natural beauty of the Cameron Highlands]

Watch out for our third related blog which focuses on the sensational beauty of Taman Negara, Malaysia’s oldest and largest national park.

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6 responses

  1. Hello Marilyn and Alf,
    Thanks for including the little map with the beautiful pictures. It helps those of us far away!
    I’ve been eagerly anticipating each new blog-fascinating reading and a lovely record of your adventures.
    Love from Hilary S

    • Hello Hilary, It’s lovely to hear from you and thanks for the feedback about the map. We enjoy writing the blog and it’s a permanent reminder for us too as well but it’s lovely to share the experience

      Marilyn & Alf

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