Lovely Langkawi Malaysia

English: Amazing sunset at Cenang Island, Lang...

English: Amazing sunset at Cenang Island, Langkawi. The best time to view sunset is 7 pm local time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


LANGKAWI TO PENANG ISLAND BOATING – Malaysia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Langkawi (Photo credit: Ravikiran Rao)

We left Penang, Malaysia, from  Georgetown port and took the ferry to the island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

Open this link for for some amazing photos of Langkawi, Malaysia. 

We did not look at the Wikitravel link for Langkawi, so were not prepared for the extreme cold of the air-conditioning on the ferry; be warned! Alf eventually resorted to walking up and down the stairs to generate some heat as  going out on deck, where it is warm, was not allowed. The journey passed fairly quickly as we exchanged  travel tales with a lovely couple from Manchester, England who were about our age. The other problem with arriving by ferry in Langkawi is the steep flight of steps from the ferry to the jetty and no porters to help, if you have big bags as we certainly did!  Alf decided to take both our heavy cases in one go, and ended up damaging a muscle in his side, which was painful for some weeks.

We had arranged for our hotel to pick us up at the port and transfer us and our bags, rather than trying to find a taxi. We booked a lovely resort hotel on the busy, Southwest of the island, not too far from the airport but far enough away not to be troubled by noise.

We arrived at our eco-friendly hotel situated on the beautiful soft white sands of Langkawi. After having settled into our comfortable room, we took a stroll on the magnificent beach and admired the amazing views in all directions. We knew that we would like Langkawi, how could we not?

Our first full day, we went on a conducted tour of the hotels excellent attempt in staying eco-friendly; they had their own recycling bank that included the recycling of used bathroom water and reuse for the watering of their extensive grounds – in fact, there were fish swimming in the small reservoirs that they had created.  The fish were served as organic fish in the restaurant, along with many organic herbs and vegetables, plus, of course, the free range chicken.There was even an artist on sight, who designed glass mosaics, wall features and light fittings from the recycled bottles. We thought it all very impressive.

One day we went on a snorkeling trip, by boat to Pulau Payar Marine Park, said to be one of the most exotic marine parks  in Malaysia [open this link for photos]. It also boasts Malaysia’s first and only reef platform, designed specifically for divers and snorkelers as an excellent start base to explore this tropical marine park filled with fish of every wonderful shape, size and color imaginable, and surrounded by beautiful coral gardens. For those that prefer to stay dry, there is also a glass bottom boat and an underwater observatory.  A buffet lunch was served on the boat, but we chose not to eat too much as our aim was to get back into the  clear waters  and snorkel some more. It was a wonderful trip and if we were ever in Langkawi again, we would certainly repeat it!

Another day we chose an Island Hopping boat trip that included visiting Tasik Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Lake) [open this link for photos]. This is the largest lake in Langkawi and resembles the shape of a pregnant woman on her back. There is a local belief that the waters possess some kind of mystical powers because a  local princess had blessed the waters and that any woman who is unable to conceive may have a child after drinking the water from the lake. We also saw wild  eagles forming their displays in the sky and watching them dive for food, this was magnificent and another amazing day!

Langkawi has some excellent restaurants and one Chinese fish restaurant we visited three times, it was so good; two tiger prawns seemed to be bigger than a half a lobster, just amazing!  Langkawi is also a really good place for shopping as it is tax-free!

We spent six wonderful days in Langkawi, enjoying the walks on the beaches,   the clear water swimming, the sunshine and above all the natural beauty. We hope, some day, to return to this beautiful island  paradise. We recommend lovely Langkawi, Malaysia!

Open this link  to see again some amazing photos of Langkawi, Malaysia. 


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