Return to the Orient

We plan to return to the Orient in January, for the next leg of our adventure. Our first stop is Delhi, India.

It’s timely to look back at some of our best

This is a beautiful 1836 copperplate lithograp...

This is a beautiful 1836 copperplate lithograph map of India and Southeast Asia by French cartographer Malte-Brun. Includes the modern day nations of India, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. Also shows the 19th century kingdoms of Tonquin and Cochin in modern day Vietnam. Straits of Singapore or Sincapour noted. All text is in French. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

blogs on our first trip.

We have now provided a page for each country (see top of this page) and highlighted the best blogs ranked in order of hits:

We hope that you will continue enjoy reading this blog 🙂

Marilyn & Alf


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  1. How wonderful – can’t wait to go on your journey with you via your blog. Happy travels – Elaine & Jeffrey

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