Return to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mosque Jamek, Kuala Lumpur

Mosque Jamek, Kuala Lumpur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We transferred from Kuala Lumpur (KL) Airport to our comfortable hotel, right in the heart of the city which was full of buzz. We arrived at 8 AM and were shown straight to our room. We had breakfast, unpacked and then had a well deserved two-hour nap, before showering and going off out to explore the city. We had planned to just chill out for the weekend, after our night flight from Calcutta, following six intensive weeks in India.

We had visited KL last year and we knew that we did not want to do the sights again, so basically we went over to the nearby, huge shopping mall, that also has an equally large ground floor, full of eateries and we took the opportunity of having a leisurely lunch. KL is incredibly international and multi-cultural. It’s a large, modern city, displaying high-rise office blocks and shopping malls galore and is home to one of the highest twin towers in the world. In appearance, it reminds us of Dubai. It is stunningly clean and hygienic. We would hazard a guess that there is probably nothing that you cannot buy in KL. There is even a Harrods tea room. It was time for both of us to pay a visit to the hairdresser, so with fingers-crossed, in we marched and left feeling lighter headed – draw your own conclusions!

In the evening, we were recommended to an excellent fish restaurant, that including a bottle of wine was a bit expensive compared to India, where we had had six wonderful weeks, living on a diet of mainly curries – so it was a real treat! The following morning Marilyn went on a shopping expedition on her own and left Alf to his own devices, as like so many men, he hates shopping.

The next day, we checked out at 9 AM and after completing a couple of personal visits, we started our five-hour trip by car to Taman Negara, the oldest rain forest in the world – this would be our home for the next four days.

We were there  last-

Scenery around KLCC park at night

Scenery around KLCC park at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

year and promised to return to this beautiful national park and jungle retreat.

Watch this space for our Tarzan and Jane episode!

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