Lang Tengah and Tioman – two of Malaysia’s best islands for marine life and snorkeling – Part 2

Clear waters of Salang Beach at Tioman Island

Clear waters of Salang Beach at Tioman Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Beach in the south of the malaysian Island T...

A Beach in the south of the malaysian Island Tioman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Tioman Island, Malaysia, by Andrew Lih

English: Tioman Island, Malaysia, by Andrew Lih (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tioman Island, Malaysia

Tioman Island, Malaysia (Photo credit: Austronesian Expeditions)

After five wonderful days on our desert island paradise, Lang Tengah Island, it was sadly time to leave.

The staff at the hotel were so delightful and real, that the duty manager actually got emotional with tears in her eyes as she embraced us and said goodbye. We had a boat trip and a four hour road journey ahead of us to our next beach resort, near Kuantan.

We arrived at our hotel on Balok Beach, situated on the eastern shoreline of Peninsular Malaysia and another coconut swaying paradise that fronts the waters of the South China Sea. Here we could walk along the miles of white soft sandy beach, but the sea, however, was too rough for swimming.

This was really a journey break to our next destination, Tioman Island, as it was too far for one days travel and we were in no hurry after all! It was an ideal place to camp out for a couple of days and was our half way stop. We stayed at this lovely beach resort for two nights, before our next three hour road journey and our ferry across the water toTioman.

Alf checked the time of the ferry on the internet at 12 noon but in his usual fashion built some slack into his plan. However upon re-checking once on the way, by mobile phone to our hotel in Tioman, he was told that the ferry was at 11 AM! It was panic stations as there is only one ferry. Alf let the driver speak to the hotel and in his relaxed attitude the driver replied:

OK –  no problem! We just go fast –  no worry!

Sure enough he got us there with time to spare, buy tickets, find out about our onward journey and go to the loo! “No problem” as the man said! Ours was the first stop and took about ninety minutes. We then transferred to a speed boat that shipped us to our resort on the Tioman Island.

Open this links for hundreds of amazing photos of Tioman!

The Pahang Marine Park is situated on the Tioman Island, lying 56 Km off the south-eastern coastline of Peninsular Malaysia on the South China Sea.

We settled into our resort hotel and started planning our five days stay.

We went on a snorkeling trip and made various stops for swimming. We saw plenty of live coral and a huge array of colorful fish in varying sizes. The highlights were seeing turtles swimming, but we kept well clear of the stingrays and the crowning glory was swimming with the sharks – these were not man-eaters, of course, but oh they were so fast.

The next day, we went on a jungle trek that started behind our resort. It wasn’t  much of a trek and only took about forty five minutes each way, but it was again a lovely view from the top of the hill to the sea below us.

We went on a boat trip to the “main town”, for want of a better description. It was supposed to have lots of shops and restaurants and is duty free. It sounded like an interesting proposition until we arrived and found that the shops were mainly for liqueur and the restaurants were not our sort of thing, but we had a nice walk and for lunch, we purchased two duty free Tiger beers and a packet of monkey nuts. So much for the restaurants! However, the boat trip was nice.

Now we had seen Bali Hai, that had been filmed here, from the 1958 film South Pacific – it did bring back the memory of that lovely song and the beautiful scene that accompanied it.

We spent the rest of our time here, swimming, snorkeling, walking, eating and drinking. It was all very nice and relaxing and so very beautiful, but we leave in the morning for Singapore.

The journey will take us about four and a half hours in total and will include two ferries to the mainland and a two hour journey by road. Once there, we shall refer to our shopping list!

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