Back in Bangkok!

English: Bangkok Skytrain

English: Bangkok Skytrain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, we’re back in Bangkok, yet again!

Regular readers of our blog may not be entirely surprised.

This is the first stop on our third extended trip to South East Asia in three years. We’ll have spent thirteen months in Asia in three years. Yes, we really love South East Asia.

Returning to Bangkok is like greeting an old friend. We have visited it many many times together and Alf still remembers it well from when he was working for American Express in his twenties.

We flew Emirates, leaving Larnaka at 7.30PM Monday evening, transiting for ninety minutes in Dubai then straight to Bangkok. This was eight and a half hours in the air – three and a half and five hours respectfully. We were a little disappointed with Emirates, especially on the first leg, however, the second leg was very good, it is hard to understand how two flights with the same airline could differ in quality to that degree. It certainly won’t be our favorite full service airline anymore as it’s quality is not consistent – perhaps they’ve just got too big too quickly.

Sunday night we were both really excited and did not sleep very much. Monday until we left Cyprus was a full-on day. Alf worked through his task list in priority order and Marilyn multi-tasked and sparks flew when we were in the same room!

As usual, we’re staying in the lively Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, close to the SkyTrain. We found a really good deal on and on arrival were upgraded to a suite. Our flight arrived in Bangkok at noon. The airport was amazingly crowded, so we just relaxed and went with the flow. By the time the taxi dropped us off at our hotel it was circa 3.00PM. We quickly unpacked, showered and changed into tropical cloths because the outside temperature was 32 Celsius.

We left our hotel at 4.30PM and explored the area on foot for a couple of hours. The heat and humidity was like walking into an energy barrier. The noise and the smells soon reminded us that we were back in South East Asia.

At 6.30PM we stopped at the Landmark Hotel, near Nana station on Sukhumvit. There’s a lovely outside bar/restaurant, which is great for people watching. Alf had a very large cold Singha beer, served in what looked like a glass flower vase  and Marilyn a glass of Chardonnay. A half an hour later, a second round of drinks arrived then we realized it was Happy Hour.  We decided it was sensible to eat and had three wonderful Chinese dishes, spicy noodles with duck, beef in garlic and a plate of greens including bok choy (Chinese cabbage including stalks & young flower shoots) – it was all delicious. We were really hungry and the chopsticks were very busy.

Returning to the hotel, Marilyn had a vanilla ice-cream and Alf took an espresso and cognac. We decided to find the pool and the gym (for future reference) and met an interesting couple from China in the lift – they greeted us with meeting palms and a familiar ‘nee hah’; we returned the same greeting and they then said, ‘how old you have?’ – an unusual way to open a conversation! We suppose that by that time, we looked pretty haggard. We finally crashed out at 9.30PM and slept for nearly eleven hours.


5 responses

  1. Good Morning/Afternoon to you both. Glad you arrived safely. Can taste the food and smell the atmosphere of Bangkok already. Counting down our days. Am sure you will be having lots of thrills and fun over next few days.

  2. Sounds like a great start to your travels. I look forward to reading more as the days pass. Bangkok sounds like an interesting place.

  3. Sounds like you had a great first day. Bangkok sounds like an interesting place. Looking forward to hearing more on your travels. Enjoy!

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