Serious Chilling in Pai – northwest Thailand

After our epic road journey, our first full day in Pai was uneventful and relaxing. Marilyn and Alf decided to go walking and exploring the pretty countryside and village close to the eco friendly farm resort where we were staying. Paula and Leo stayed to do some very successful fishing on the lake. Leo was excited with his catch of the day that he held and displayed proudly whilst Paula photographed the moment before they returned it to water, so no barbie for us!

In the 60s and 70s Pai was a hippy hangout and a major drug center. However, today it has been cleaned up by the Thai authorities and is a great artisan town, attracting students and young visitors with and without dreadlocks and shoes! The shops and restaurants are trendy and some very good paintings are to be found in the many art shops at affordable prices, also available are some excellent and unusual crafts, including hand made wooden pieces and funky clothes by young designers using hand woven fabrics. There is a  market and many  stalls selling street food, that all looks and smells delicious, plus the traditional market stalls displaying leather goods, tops and bottoms.
We were once again the oldest visitors in town, minus dreadlocks and all wearing shoes.
The picture is of Marilyn, with our friends Leo and Paula in one of Pai’s main streets in the early evening.
We’ll be publishing the best of our photos as a separate blog.

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