More Beautiful Days – Krabi Province Thailand

We left the island of Ko Lanta, Krabi Province, Thailand, thoroughly chilled out, before continuing on to Ao Nang on the Krabi Province mainland. This was for variety and just a little more relaxation therapy,  including swimming, snorkeling, shopping, sleeping and sampling the culinary delights. [See our last blog ‘Breakfast on the Andaman Southern Thailand‘ for our description of Koh Lanta].

From Koh Lanta, we hired a  car and driver, providing  a comfortable journey of about four hours including two ferries.  We had visited the Krabi mainland three years earlier and had very fond memories of the various sea trips to the islands in the Andaman from Ao Nang as a base. [This needs to be distinguished from the Andaman Islands, which are part of India (for amazing reflections on our trip to the Andaman Islands, two years ago, read our blog ‘The Andaman Islands India, a new paradise on earth‘.)]

Most days, we went off on the long tail boats – they’re a bit of a challenge for boarding and disembarking, especially for Marilyn with her short legs  but fun nevertheless. On the route to Railay Beach the scenery is just spectacular, with Karst limestone rocks jutting majestically out of the  Andaman Sea and forming what look like amazing natural sculptures as if made by hand. It is not surprising that this area is so popular with film producers, for example ‘The Beach’, with Leonardo Di Caprio, was shot in Krabi Province, as was the  James Bond movie ‘The man with the Golden Gun’, staring Roger Moore. The Andaman is clear, clean and warm, ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving should you so wish.

Shopping is another fun pastime in Ao Nang and lots of price negotiating is the order of the day! There are some very good restaurants that offer excellent value for money  – there’s a huge selection of fresh fish available, including exotic seafood and local fish. We were delighted to find that two of the restaurants that we favoured three years earlier were still up and running and as good as ever. We stayed in Ao Nang for four days and we shall return, should we revisit Thailand in the future. Ao Nang has a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets; it’s located near Krabi Airport which caters for budget airlines, including our favorite AirAsia; and most importantly, it’s an ideal base to explore the magical Andaman.

The photos  in this blog include a couple of favorites. We’ll publish a full selection of our best photos of Krabi  Province as a separate blog. But if you want to see further amazing photography of Krabi Province, available in the public domain, open this link.

Having spent just under a month in Thailand, it’s was time for a change. Our next stop was Cambodia. We flew AirAsia to Phnom Penh, Cambodia‘s capital but that’s another story! Watch this space for some further adventures.

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