The best beach in Cambodia

We spent six delightful days in a boutique hotel right on Otres 2 beach, Sihanoukville,  Cambodia, overlooking the sea and the Gulf of Thailand. The above photo was taken from our hotel balcony.
Strictly, there are three parts to Otres, Otres 1 in the north, Long Beach in the center and Otres 2 to the south. Walking the whole beach gave us a 6 Km return trip most days after breakfast which we took in the hotel restaurant overlooking the sea. Normally, we’d sit at a table on the beach and a few minutes after 7.00AM each morning two stray beach dogs would arrive and look at Alf expectantly – he gave them a sausage and they were friends for life, well until the next person offered a titbit for breakfast.
Life on Otres 2 is lazy and revolves around the beach and the sea. Most lunch times and evenings we could be found at the Secret Garden a well-known and inexpensive, beach-front restaurant, a hundred meters from our hotel, offering both exceptional Cambodian and Western food  (even though the executive chef is from Scotland) – also drinks are very with competitively priced.
Most mornings as we walked along Otres beach, admiring the beautiful coastline and pristine sands, we would see two horses swimming in the sea with riders mounted on their backs – it was an unusual sight to behold! We’ll share our best photos later, including the swimming horses. For an excellent glimpse of Otres beach, open this link for photos in the public domain.
One afternoon we travelled by tuk-tuk into Sihanoukville to do some shopping and check out the other beaches. The shops were of no interest and we wandered along the coastline; we were delighted that Otres 2 was still the cleanest and whitest sand and the sea was much clearer too. On our way back to our hotel our driver took us through a sand track that was full of monkeys; he stopped at the banana stall and gave us a hand of bananas and suddenly they were upon us, surrounding our tuk tuk and jumping in and out – we were pleased to move on, as we had run out of bananas!
After our most enjoyable six days on Otres 2 beach, Sihanoukville, we had completed the Cambodia part of our trip, having spent three weeks in this beautiful country with its charming people. We return to Thailand for some more amazing beaches but that part of the story is another blog.
Remember, for the whitest and cleanest beaches in Cambodia, Otres 2 is the place to go!


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