Our last stop on the Andaman – Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Karon Beach, December 2004.

Karon Beach, December 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Karon Beach

Karon Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our last stop on the Andaman was an important milestone in our three-month trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Originally, we had planned to spend a week on the legendary Railay Beach before returning to Bangkok and then home to Europe. On a whim, we changed plans and spent our last week on the Andaman in Karon, Phuket.

Although we live in Cyprus on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, in winter, if the opportunity presents, we love spending time visiting areas on the  Andaman Sea. Regular readers will know that we have returned several times. Here are some of our highlights:

Anyway to bring you up to date, we left the stunning coast of Khao Lak and crossed the bridge to Phuket. Three year ago we spent a week in Patong Phuket and did a couple of day trips to both Karon and Kata, promising ourselves that we’d return some day. The return to Karon was a six-day stay in a beachfront hotel in the center of Karon. We were able to have long walks  on Karon’s lovely beach each morning which was a huge bonus; starting out after breakfast, at about 8.30, we would walk until it got too hot to bare, usually 60-90 minutes, popping in and out of the sea for cooling off periods. Open this link for some fabulous photos of Karon beach.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Andaman, it has its enclaves. Karon, Kata and Patong are predominantly Russian, Khao Lak is German and Koh Lanta is Scandinavian, but of course, they all have their escalating share of Chinese tourists. It was the Easter holiday and the resort was heaving with tourists from just about every corner of the globe. By day we met the Russians on the beach; you can spot them easily by their designer swimwear and accessories  and in the evenings we met Europeans in the restaurants and we could hear the Australians in the bars. Despite Angela Merkel’s sanctions, the Russian tourists seemed to have plenty of money in their pockets. By and large, the Russian tourists were young families and seemed to be having a lot of fun and like the Chinese, they are also very heavily into posing for ‘selfies’ and admiring themselves!

We enjoyed our time in Karon and spent six days just chilling out and making the occasional visit to Phuket Old Town before heading off to Bangkok on Easter Sunday where we plan to complete our trip with a five-day stay. The countdown has started, watch this space.




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