Magical Mangrove Canoe Trip Ecuador & Visit to Cacao Plantation

Cacao 4

Cacao 3

Marilyn and Alf making 100% pure top-grade Ecuadorian chocolate!

Day 13, the last full-day  of our amazing Ecuadorian adventure, we left the stunning Cajus National Park and descended from the Andes towards the coast, stopping for a Mangrove canoe trip and a visit to a cacao plantation before arriving in Guayaquil, the main port town in Ecuador.

With some of Ecuador’s finest scenery, we descended from the Andes towards the Pacific and visited the Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve where we took a boat excursion through the incredible mangrove forest. This important eco-system has both Red and Black mangrove species and provided opportunities for seeing a number of aquatic birds and other wildlife along the many small river inlets.

In the afternoon, we found the visit to a cocoa plantation both interesting and fun, watching the process of production. Apparently Ecuador is the second largest exporter of cocoa beans after Africa, but the Ecuadorian is the better in quality. We helped in the making of chocolate and were rewarded with lots of sample tastes!

Following our lunch at the cocoa plantation, we had a very relaxing canoe trip in the Mangrove Forest – the silence was magical as the only sounds were the aquatic birds – we got some lovely photos. We travelled by pick up trucks, as they are the only form of transport available for the short journey through the mud and slush!

This was the final day of our amazing adventure trip in Ecuador, as we said goodbye to the charming group of travel companions after dinner. In the morning, we fly back to Quito for two days before our next adventure, an expedition cruise on the Galapagos.

For a selection of our photos, tap on the photo below and press the right arrow to see the full collection:


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