Ten Wonderful Days in Lima, Peru





We had ten wonderful days in Lima – seven days at beginning and three days at the end of our trip to Peru, with three weeks on an adventure holiday exploring Peru in the middle (details to follow).

The highlight was spending quality time with Alf’s nephew, Simon and his lovely wife, Flor and getting to know their children, Sarah & Ethan – it had been eight years since we had last seen Simon and Flor. The photo is of Alf & Simon at popular  Picanteria La Paisana Restaurant , Lima, sampling a spicy authentic dish from North Peru.

After a month in Ecuador, we flew to Lima, basing ourselves in a comfortable hotel in the heart of the Miraflores District, probably one of Lima’s safest neighborhoods. On the coast, Miraflores is one of the Lima’s top districts, popular with tourist because of excellent hotels, restaurants and shops but highly desirable for locals too, with many parks, gardens, and beautiful high-rise apartments, the prime location being cliff-top, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Last night, we said our goodbyes to Simon and his family at Larcomar, Miraflores’ popular mall overlooking the ocean, then walked back to our hotel – we promised to return to Peru soon. It was lovely to have the ten minute walk through Miraflores – this was very different from our arrival, when we were a bit fearful of walking the streets of Lima. We had read that it was not safe for tourists to walk in the historic centre of Lima at night. To put it in perspective, Lima is like any other sprawling modern city, for example, Los Angeles, with massive disparities in incomes. But the visitor is recommended to take sensible precautions – only carry a small amount of money and no showy valuables, like jewellery, cameras, dress down etc.

Peru, and especially Lima, is great for ‘foodies’, boasting some of the finest cuisine in Latin America, with several world-class restaurants. Adjacent to the ocean, Lima is particularly recommended for seafood lovers. Alf soon developed a liking for Ceviche – a popular dish of raw fish, served in fresh lime juice, and spiced with chilly. Peru boasts some excellent local wines and has ready access to outstanding world class wines from Chile and Argentina. Before sampling the wines, it’s fashionable have a cocktail, with the Peruvian speciality being a Pisco Sour – whilst we sampled Piscos early in the trip, we soon learned to go straight to the wine, finding Piscos a bit too high in alcohol for us.

Lima highlights included visits to:

  • Lima’s historical centre, a UNESCO heritage site, one of Peru’s top tourist attractions
  • Huaca Pucllana – ruins of Pre-Inca Pyramid – we actually met Simon and his family at the adjacent restaurant, when we first arrived in Lima, sampling Pisco Sours and local specialities
  • Larco Museum, a museum of pre-Columbian artifacts
  • Barranco, Lima’s most romantic and bohemian quarter, home for many of Peru’s leading artists, musicians, designers and photographers – see Marilyn’s photos of Barranco street art and wonderful views
  • El Malecon , Lima’s scenic cliff-top walkway

After two wonderful months in  Ecuador and Peru, tomorrow night we fly to Madrid, where we are breaking our return journey to Cyprus.

To view our photos of historical Lima, tap on the photo below and press the right arrow:






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